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We offer an array of goods, LOOM (textiles), as well as the furniture of CENTURIES AHEAD.

The environmental/ecological rationale is as relevant as the final aesthetic of the products I present here. This is most evident in the choice of linen, dyes, recycled grounds, and printing processes used in the production of my textile designs.

I hope you find some treasures yourself among them.

The Loom Collection

It was almost as if nature had been overlooked as I searched for fabrics for my design projects. I embarked on this journey for my textile collection inspired by what is all around us, all the time, here in southern California; the flora and fauna and the glorious Pacific Ocean.

This celebration of the natural world carries over into the fibers we use, (Belgian linen) as well as the printing processes, (dye & pigment), that make up the collection.

Here it is!

  • The Windward Group

  • The Pacific Group

  • Solids & Weaves


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