Custom Loomed Fabrics & Textiles

Timeless beauty….. rare quality; one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. That’s what you’re getting with every products.

Through the materials and processes we use to create our products we aim to honor our responsibility to the environment – our number one inspiration.

Luxury Woven Fabrics & Printed Textiles

The exclusive luxury fabrics in the Katerina Tana Collection LOOM are made using 100% fine Belgian linen, imbuing them with longevity and elegance you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. A selection of our high-end designs is also dye screen-printed on yarn dyed linen, adding an extraordinary and alluring depth to our patterns.

Katerina Tana Collection products are manufactured using natural fibers, non-toxic dyes, energy-efficient and environmentally conscious methods, and with minimal waste.

Our hand-woven products allow you to bring the ethereal beauty of nature and even carry it with you wherever you go!

Inspiration for our designs is drawn from the natural wonders found right here in Venice, CA. From the rich green of the trees to the vivid blues of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll see a reverence for the earth in the colors and styles of all of our artisan products.

In addition to our woven textile collections we offer custom-designed tile products. In our CENTURIES AHEAD and BREAKWATER collaboration collections, you’ll find durable and unique items that celebrate the art of tile making.

Browse pour custom loomed textiles and signature tile designs to discover the next dazzling addition to your space!

  • Loom

    Belgian Woven Linen Indoor fabrics. Outdoor and Hi Performance fabrics. Printed in Switzerland and LA. Upholstery & Drapery quality. Designed in America.
  • Pillow

    Handmade in LA, Goose-down filled. Luxury Euro Squares. Made In America.
  • Centuries Ahead

    Museum quality. Custom-made Iznik tile topped tables, handcrafted in California.
  • Breakwater

    Signature ceramic tile collection by Katerina Tana for Jeffrey Court Tile, handmade in America.
  • Notebooks

    3 sizes, Lined and Sketch paper, handmade in India. A zero waste project.
  • Notecard Boxes

    Handmade box, to tuck your notes in 'til inspiration calls.
  • Slippers

    Walking the talk of zero waste.
  • Totes

    Handmade, hands-down the very finest tote.