KATERINA TANA DESIGN–LOOM is comprised of fabrics woven of 100% natural fibers. The vast majority of the Collection is woven of 100% Belgian indoor linen.

The flax used to produce our indoor linen is grown with great respect for the environment. Cultivating it requires no irrigation, utilizing instead the environmentally friendly dew-retting method. Additionally, the flax is grown conforming to recommended crop rotation cycles.

There is very little energy used for growing, spinning and weaving, and this energy is provided by natural gas. All parts of the flax plant that are not needed to produce our linen are used for other purposes, from creating flax seed oil, linseed oil, insulation, and packaging. This results in zero wasted material.

Waste water from bleaching and dying is processed by a state of the art biological water recycling plant on the premises and monitored regularly making sure it conforms to all European standards before releasing it. For bleaching, peroxide is used rather than chlorine. For dying, non-toxic formulae are used.

All of the prints in the KATERINA TANA DESIGN–LOOM Collection are printed by artisans in small runs using the hand screen method. Two thirds of the designs are printed locally, within twenty miles of our Venice, California headquarters. Inks and pigments used are biodegradable, made of water and resin bindered pigments.