Centuries Ahead

This is a project that began with Katerina Tana’s fascination for the exquisite mastery of the Iznik decorative arts and their amazing durability that can be seen in centuries old structures throughout the Middle East.

As the rebirth of the tile making tradition occurred, the opportunity arose to incorporate these very rare and remarkable items into a familiar setting.

At my behest,Iznik Classics has agreed to experiment with this centuries old technique to create an exclusive combination of elements for this project.

Iznik ceramics were among the finest works in the Ottoman Empire.The stylistic phases reflect the changes in Ottoman taste. From the elaborate blue & white arabesque patterns of the 15th century to the vibrant naturalism distinctive of ceramics at the end of the 16th century.In this Islamic art form everything evokes eternity.

Iznik quartz tiles are characterized by an extra white undercoating, very hard glaze, and underglaze decoration. The colors reflect those of precious stones and endure without fading.These colors derive from metal oxides.

The white background not only creates an atmosphere of light but also, with its obvious relationship to the familiar media of white ground tableware and paper, creates a surface that is both tangible and limited.

Each of the tables is designed by Katerina Tana. She first visited Istanbul to select the motifs, shapes, and scale of the tiles. She then traveled to Venice to for inspiration of the structure and material for the tables. It is a journey that has endeavored to evoke the spirit of the tiles. The tables are as unique as the tiles they frame.