High Performance

These prints resist Oil, Water and Stains, and perform exceptionally as Indoor/Outdoor fabrics. Beauty inspired by nature, and made to endure the elements!

ANACAPA/FLAX and ANACAPA/HARVEST. Our Anacapas in High Performance Mode.

CORALSHADE/Coral Red, CORALSHADE/Oyster and Coralshade/Abalone in High Performance Mode.

Exceptional beauty, quality and endurance all in one design. Woven in Germany, printed in Switzerland created at our studio in Venice Beach, California.

Anacapa Pattern Repeat 27 5/16" H, 25 1/4" V. Fabric Width 55", Printed Width 54". Coralshade Pattern Repeat 25 1/4" H x 25" V. Fabric Width 55", Printed Width 54".

Anacapa Gallery